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Experience can be crucial at times when starting a new business. With people like you surrounding founders, there’s a greater chance that founders can not only continue to be impactful with their ventures, but also increase the ways they can effect our communities.


Ways to Connect



We help put on two meetups per month that are focused on helping founders become even better. Our goal at these meetups is to create intentional serendipity. This means increasing the chances that moments of “Why didn’t I think of that already?” or “That introduction would be amazing!” can happen. Through short mentor sessions, we increase the chances of great moments occurring. We can even have you Skype in if you’re not local!

How Meetups Work



With all of the value that you can bring to a new business, it can be easy to give away all of your time to mentorship or to just say I don’t have the time to mentor everyone. By being a FounderCo mentor, we’ll help manage the mentorship process. Mentor as little or as much as you like. We’ll provide the founders and ways to help make sure meetings with founders are worthwhile.


Be Part of the Community

Even if you’re not an official mentor for a specific meetup or not necessarily a founder, we would still love to have you part of the FounderCo community. Attend meetups, Join the FounderCo Slack channel, and Apply to be a Mentor. We’re here to improve entrepreneurial ecosystems and we need you to be able to do so!

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Ready to Become a FounderCo Mentor?