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Our focus:


FounderCo helps make entrepreneurs more impactful by creating more collaborative ecosystems through education, mentorship, and community.

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For Founders

We’re here to help you start and grow your business. Have an idea you’ve been thinking about for a while? Have a new business but you’re feeling alone and stuck? We’re here for you!

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For Organizations

We believe entrepreneurial ecosystems are at their best when founders are the focus and collaboration between organizations is the norm. We want to help bring you more resources to help more founders.

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For Mentors

We give experienced entrepreneurs and subject experts an opportunity to engage with an entrepreneurial ecosystem. Mentor as little or as much as you want with FounderCo managing the mentor process. We believe in giving first and letting opportunities come up naturally through intentional serendipity.

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Get Involved

FounderCo relies on all of the different stakeholders of an entrepreneurial ecosystem being collaborative and coming together to support the foundation of an ecosystem, founders. Our goal is to give entrepreneurs as much support as possible through education, mentorship, and community.


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Need help outside of the FounderCo meetups? Let’s meet and see where we can help.

Become a partner organization

Contact us to learn more about becoming a partner organization and to see how we can collaborate.

Become a mentor

Be a leader in the entrepreneurial community and help founders become more impactful.