Stages of Entrepreneurship

This is our overview of stages of early stage entrepreneurship. To help entrepreneurs find the right fit, we organized entrepreneurial support organizations by stage.

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$0 Revenue

Founders who dream about running their own business but don’t have an idea or haven’t pushed to start one.


$ 0 Revenue - Have an idea

Founders who have an idea and are beginning to pursue the viability of an idea.


$1-$100,000 Revenue

Founders who have just recently started their business within the past year and have early revenue. Fully functioning business, but still solving long-term traction channels.


$100,001 - $500,000 Revenue

Founders who have a business and potentially a small team. The business stays afloat, but could use help with long-term growth.


$500,001+ Revenue

Founders who have a startup, a small team, and are in the process of scaling their business. The business can grow to tens or hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.