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We help founders of companies and organizations come together to learn, encourage, and grow. For founders. By founders.


What is a Founder?

A founder is someone who has started a company or organization from the ground up. Whether you built a coffee shop, the next great tech startup, or a non-profit, we’re here to give you an authentic community you can grow in.

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Why join?

If you’re looking to grow as a founder, we’re here to give you as many opportunities as possible. We hold bi-weekly meetups that include workshops, panel discussions, and small group sessions to help you grow as a founder. You’ll work with other founders the entire way. You won’t be alone in FounderCo.

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For organizations:

FounderCo is not a substitute for any organization in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Instead, we’re complementary and love to work closely with organizations that have a heart for founders. We have opportunities to meet with founders to help them grow and opportunities to sponsor programming that we put together at FounderCo.

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Current Partners

 Thank you to those who help us help founders better!